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Vertical winding machine continuous coil reverse winding

Square Capsule type oil conservator for Mobile Transformer

One kind of fabricated iron nail for power transformer assembly

One kind of Low voltage bushing cable box which can meet two ways of outgoing line

A double-body transformer with a lifting device

One kind of power transformer equip with external auxiliary transformer

One kind of bushing ascending base which can meet two ways of outgoing line

A kind of main series transformer

Prefabricated substation

A kind of vehicle-borne mobile substation

100MVA/220KV authenticated by ASTA,UK

180MVA/220KV authenticated by KEMA

40MVA/132KV authenticated by TUV,Germany

26MVA/132KVauthenticated by TUV,Germany

13MVA/132KVauthenticated by TUV,Germany

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