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Prefabricated substation   




Product characteritics:

According to the system configuration, it is divided into three pre installed units - high voltage module unit, main transformer module unit and low voltage module unit.

The high-voltage module unit is composed of fire-retardant, heat preservation, shielding box and high-voltage switchgear; the main transformer module unit is composed of fire-retardant, heat preservation, shielding box and main transformer; the low-voltage module unit is composed of fire-retardant, heat preservation, shielding box and medium voltage switchgear, secondary control protection equipment and auxiliary power supply equipment. Each unit is connected by cable to form a complete substation system.

Fast-3 months of factory production cycle,1 month of on-site construction cycle.

Small-small area,30%-70%smaller than that of conventional substation construction.

Precision -- the shell adopts the international advanced six-layer anti-corrosion technology, 30 years of corrosion free, 60 years of service life. The main electrical equipment is maintenance free, safe and reliable. Exquisite processing technology, exquisite design.

Save -- standardized design, factory processing, assembly construction, saving 5% - 10% of the overall investment of the whole station. The compact layout of substation adopts advanced integrated technology of complete system, saving 30% - 70% of land resources.

Live-The modular structure of live building blocks can adopt flexible building block mode according to the different geographical location of the station, or it can be constructed by stages according to the long-term plan of this phase; the migration is convenient, and it can be relocated in the shortest time.

Scope of application:

The products can not only be used in urban central areas to solve the problem of difficult landing of conventional substations, but also widely used in coal, oil and other traditional energy industries, as well as photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy industries. At the same time, with its "building block modular" design, production, transportation and assembly mode, it is especially suitable for suburban, remote mountainous areas and other places where road transportation is not convenient.

Product performance:

In 2015, the prefabricated substation was produced for Nalun campus of Central Asia University of Kyrgyzstan, and it is still in use up to now.