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Mobile substation   

Technical characteristics:

Mobile substation is equivalent to a concentrated modern substation, which integrates transformer, primary and secondary protection and control equipment, and completes the power index conversion required by users. Due to the particularity of use, mobile substation requires compact structure, small volume and light weight, and anti vibration is suitable for automobile transportation. Mobile substation can be flexibly applied to emergency power, maintenance power, temporary power, building power and other aspects. The advantages of mobile substation are that it can be quickly transported to the installation site and put into operation.

Constitution characteristics:

The mobile substation is loaded by two trailers. The first trailer is equipped with the primary protection equipment of the transformer. From left to right, the isolation switch, lightning arrester, composite current and voltage transformer and circuit breaker are installed and fixed on the trailer. They are connected by cables or copper bars. The second trailer is equipped with the main transformer and its cooling equipment, auxiliary transformer Cable shaft and secondary protection control meter.

Application characteristics:

Because the mobile substation can move quickly and put into operation quickly, it becomes the effective backup for several substations in the same area; The mobile substation is installed on the trailer, which can be towed to any place where it is needed by the tractor. The mobile substation inclines 20 degrees and does not overturn. It is allowed to drive on the uneven road, and the driving speed on the good road can exceed 60 km / h. The Application of the mobile substation can reduce the maintenance cost, reduce the spare transformer equipment, and shorten the maintenance time of the substation; Mobile substation, as a temporary capacity increase, can reduce capital investment and resource waste; mobile substation has small volume, light weight and good seismic performance, which is a convenient transportation, complete equipment, flexible and reliable power supply mode.

Product performance:

From 2009 to 2020, it successively produced mobile transformer stations for PHCN (Nigeria power holding company), China Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Kerui Distribution Automation Co., Ltd., CAMCE (Ethiopia project) and other enterprises.