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200MVA/330KVPower transformer   



Product design features:

The company attaches great importance to product development and design,and constantly applies new technologies and materials to improve product design level.The company uses reliable transformer optimization calculation program software to accurately analyze and caculate the static and dynamic potential gradients and impact gradients of electric field,magnetic field,temperature field and all kinds of impulse voltage by computer, to determine the corresponding structure and design parameters,so as to make the field strength and impact gradients reasonably distributed,and quickly get the best design scheme with tachnical and economic advantages.

Technical features of products:

Reduce partial discharge

All insulation parts of the transformer shall be deburred and made of Taizhou Weidman insulation board to ensure that the board is free from defects.The method of shielding is adopted for wire binding;the electrode is ensured to be smooth; and the leading wire connection is made by rounding the leading angle at the sharp angle of the cold pressed welding oil tank. The cleanliness of the body shall be well controlled, and all kinds of foreign matter are not allowed to enter the body. The body shall be dried in gas phase and vacuum oiled.

Prevent oil leakage of transformer

All flanges of the tank are fined, flange and limit groove ensure what the amount of the gasket is pressed, all gaskets are imported from Shenma rubber, and the anti-aging performance of the rubber pad is increased. All components are put into the factory and tested. Ensure that the transformer does not leak oil during operation.

Reducing transformer noise

Air cooling and self cooling are preferred. This product has the function of automatic conversion between self cooling and air cooling. The noise level can be lower than 68dB. A vibration reducing pad is added at the bottom of the tank. The tank wall can be equipped with a sound insulation board. The magnetic flux density is lower than 1.7 Tesla.

Resistance to sudden short circuit

The imported winding machine with compression and fastening device and the imported winding frame with tension device are used to wind the coil, which can not only ensure the radial winding of the coil is tight, but also avoid the radial loosening caused by the axial compression, so as to achieve no assembly margin: the transposed conductor, combined conductor and the coil of high voltage products adopt the internal shielding instead of the traditional rectification type, so as to reduce the fault points and improve the work efficiency.

In addition, the insulation parts are pre dried; after the coil, phase assembly and body assembly, the pre pressure with constant pressure is applied and dried respectively. Ensure that the coil height is consistent with the ampere turn balance, and the tensile, bending and shear strength of the conductor. At the same time, the coil is provided with a cardboard cylinder, and the brace is doubled to ensure the stability of the coil support.

Main product features

330KV voltage level power transformer

The company independently develops 200MVA / 330kV autotransformer. The voltage combination mode is 330 / 161 ± 8 * 1.25% / 34.5kv, the connection group mode is YNaod11, and the cooling mode is air cooling. The medium voltage winding of the autotransformer is a part of the high voltage winding, which is called the common winding. The high voltage winding is composed of the series winding and the common winding. The voltage of the first end of the common winding is regulated. The structural capacity of the autotransformer is less than the rated capacity, which can meet a variety of operation modes. It is often used as a connecting transformer, reducing investment and operation costs. The autotransformer has a small volume, Light weight and low loss.

220KV voltage level power transformer

The company independently develops 300mva / 230kV autotransformer. The cooling mode is strong oil air cooling. Fill the radiator with oil pump to speed up the oil circulation. The oil guide plate made of paperboard is added to the body of the device, which is characterized by light weight, low cost, and fixed by wood clips. The use effect is the same as that of the transformer made of steel plate.

In addition, we have independently developed large power transformers with 150 MVA / 225 kV and 100 MVA / 225 kV external auxiliary transformers and strong short-circuit resistance. It is characterized by large capacity three-phase three pillar iron core structure and strong short-circuit resistance.

110KV voltage level power transformer

The company independently develops 44.8MVA main series transformer, 115 ± 2 * 2.5% kV no-load voltage regulation at high voltage side and 13.8 ± 16 * 0.625% Kv on load voltage regulation at low voltage side. The main series transformer is used for voltage regulation, and a series transformer is added to the main transformer oil tank. The main transformer and the series transformer are independent of each other, with independent iron core and winding respectively. They are lifted as a whole and dropped into the box as a whole. Appearance of main series transformer (as standby transformer, it can replace two main transformers with different outgoing modes of high and low voltage bushings on site).

In addition,we independently developed 67MVA/132power transformer,three-phase oil-gas sleeve common box structure,water-cooled cooling mode.

66KV voltage level power transformer

Independent research and development of 40MVA/66kV power transformer, high-voltage three-phase common tank oil-gas sleeve, centralized cooling.


Product performance:

The company's power transformers have been exported to Europe, Oceania, South America, Asia and Africa in recent 20 years. The countries covered include Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Philippines, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, Morocco, Jordan, Malawi, etc. The customers who have cooperated with the company include state grid of China, ANDRITZ, ZESCO Zambia electric power company, Jordan electric power company (NEPCO), Ukrainian Electric Power Company, Kyrgyzstan State Grid Company, ABB India Company, ABB s.r.o. (Nigeria), Ukraine Polina company, etc. About 1000 power transformers have been exported in the past 20 years.